Siren Series / Minorities Representation in Cinema (Video)

In Cinema, minorities are often underrepresented, and when they’re not, people complain. Here’s a video about this topic, taking as example opinion about the series called Siren I discovered thanks to the blog La Vie En Queer.

(Don’t forget to read the description, there are important informations.)

Subtitles and Translations are finally here.

Excuse me for the late, I had some issues in my personal life which made me late for the deadline.
But anyway, here’s finally the video and the translated subtitles.

I’d also like to apologise about the video quality, I only have a webcam, so it’s difficult to do best.
And about the sound and the global quality, I promise, I’ll do better the next time!

Video Credits:
Siren, episode 1

Picture Credits:
Polymerization Card – Yu Gi Oh Fandom Wikia
Human Body – National Cancer Institute
Ulys y Las Sirenas, 1891
Polymerization Card – Yu Gi Oh Fandom (

Music Credits:
Devil’s Tattoo Remix – Mikey Fresh Bits
The Bannared Mare – Skyrim OST
Cast Of Pods – Doug Maxwell
Undertale Nabstalblook Theme – Toby Fox
Danse Macabre – Camille Saint-Saëns
It’s going to be fine – Andrew Bayer

Links :
La Vie En Queer’s Article (french):
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Thanks for watching my video. 🙂

Special thanks (for corrections in subtitles):

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