I’ll probably make a self-analysis, a description about what I wanted to communicate later. While waiting for the energy to do that, I’ll be delighted to have your point of view about what you see on this drawing. 🙂

I publish it in two versions, one modified, where contrasts and brightness are increased, and another one without any modification.

Paradox! - Version 2
Modificated version, contrast/brightness modificated.
Click to zoom.

Paradox! - Version 1
Original Version, no modification.
Click to zoom.

Fucked up Heart !

A drawing/collage I made one year ago.

Also available on my IG: http://instagram.com/amylizzycae/ 

Here is a drawing/collage I made a year ago. I wanted to express everything I felt at this time. I was in a harsh depression. Burnt by school phobia, alcohol and cigarette, stoned with medication, almost dying. I felt like all my vitality was consumed by my illness.
I made it while I was at school. Then, I teared it up, and fixed it with adhesive bandage.
This is how I was. Teared up and fixed.

Arthur Rimbaud in my Room (Poetry)

Two years ago, in English Lesson, I had to write a poem by following the example of Allen Ginsberg in A Supermarket In California where the narrator tells he met Whitman and Garcìa Lorca in a supermarket. So, we had to write a poem where a famous people was interacting with us (or the narrator) in our daily life. I just found what I wrote in my old lessons, and I wanted to share it with you.

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