About me

Alice, Amy, Lizzy are the names I answer in. Not any last name, long ago I denied it. Same for birth gender, name and pronouns, I am a transgender person.

Out of the standards, naturally lone and alone. Free electron sailing from atom to atom. Unstable composition, constant evolution. My fluid being breaks the settled rules.

Smart-unconfident, ambitious-pessimistic, museless-creative, orphan in family, messy-methodical, extroardinarily regular, paradoxically consistent.


Who am I?

The name is Alice, or Amy, or even Lizzy. In fact, I answer in all these names. But basically, you can call me Amy Lizzy. I’m a 19yo french queer girl. And if I had to describe myself in only one word, I’d say: Artist. But, behind this word, you can add: singer, musician, drawer, video maker, writer, and many other stuff*. That’s why I chose this name for my website: amystuff.net. Because amysongsmusicdrawingsvideotexts.net would be too long, I guess. So I sum my work by ‘stuff’.

*I admit that, when I had to choose a category when I registered to Patreon, I was really anoyed…

My work

To be honest, in that page, I won’t express my qualifications like a CV.
I’ll just be myself. Yes, I consider myself as a musician, singer, writer, drawer, and a very creative person, but I can’t do all these things all the time in asame time. Sometimes I draw, sometimes I write, sometimes I work on a video,…
And currently, because of some private problems, I can’t do music right now, but soon (I hope).
So, don’t expect too much from me. ^^’
What problems? Well, let’s say I was a singer, a musician, a writer, a video maker, but since some troubling events, I somehow lost my skills…

However, I’m determined! I wanna recover them!

That’s why I created my blog, that’s why I share my work, to motivate me to
do my best. Then, nevertheless, if you are interested in my work, you can follow me, become my patron, and help me to do my best!! (Edit: Patreon disabled)

My motto, my life philosophy

I consider myself as a Virtuoso in the Art of Trying and I also totally assume my cheap aspect. What does that mean? It means that:

  • I’m not a good singer
  • I’m not a good musician
  • I’m not a good drawer
  • I’m not a good video maker
  • I’m not a good writer
  • And basically, I’m not a talented person
  • AND ALSO basically, I don’t do: I try!

Paradoxically, I’m a perfectionist. But Perfectionism kills Art. So, for me, if it’s not perfect, that’s why this is good! For me, imperfections can be a beauty of the artwork. My current best example is this artwork. I couldn’t draw the legs of the character, because I didn’t know how to. But you can interpret the lack of legs as a message: the character can’t move, the character is paralyzed and strained to suffer.
This motto, this life philosophy is simply to have kindness toward you and your work even if you have self-confidence issues.


  • About my drawings: The most of them are a bit hardcore and bloody.
  • About my writings: I might talk about some dark themes, like death, suicide, pathologies, abuses,…

The blog and media

What about that blog ?

This blog is a bit personal, but also public. I share what I want to share, whatever it is. Fiction, thoughts, poetry, videos, DIY stuff, jokes, or anything else I do in my daily life. But that may also be something I like, something I saw, something I read I wanna share with you.

As I write these lines, I really don’t know how this blog will look like. I will share everything I want to share. My works, my projects, their evolutions,…

Note: I mostly speak and I mostly post in french. I really like english language and speak in english, but sometimes I just don’t have the energy or the time to translate what I do. And sometimes it’s untranslatable. So, excuse me in advance.

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Contact me

You can contact me:

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  • By e-mail at: amystuffblog@gmail.com
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