(News) New Design + Patreon Goals

You may have noticed it, but I changed the design of social media accounts, and the design of my blog. I hope you’ll like it. Anyway, I tried to make it the most accessible as possible. (Mobiles, tablets, computer screens,…). If you have something to say about it, I’m listening!

The Patreon Page

I would like to talk about my first patreon goals. A few days ago, I created that patreon page in order to have a financial aid to live thanks to my work to help me to motivate myself, and to help me to buy new equipments for future projects (music, videos,…).
My First Goals:
  • 5$ => When 5$ will be reached,I’ll launch and release the new graphical charter. Yes, I changed the blog design, but I would like to change the drawings (my character for example) and add new others.
  • 25$ => I’ll release some sketches, drafts of songs I want to sing and record one day!
  • 40$ => From there, I’ll be able to buy new equipments for my profesional microphone (tripod, filter,…) and other stuff to improve the record quality.
  • 350$ => Currently, it’s the most ambitious goal I have. From there, I’ll be able to buy a HQ camera.


If you want to help me in my artist quest, it would be so really very really very nice, you can become my patron by clicking here. Here are the available plans:

  • Supporter ($1/Month): You can access to my Patrons Only posts. Like polls, drafts, sketches,… And you’ll be added to Thanking Parts.
  • Curious ($3/Month): You will see my very first sketches and draft. You will see where the several ideas come from, what I wanted to express…
  • Psychic ($5/Month): You will be able to see my future projects, their announces, their progression, you will be able to have early accesses, before everyone!
  • Video Edit ($10/Month): In addition of all precedent advantages, you can ask me to edit your short videos freely. [Only 5 patrons MAX]
  • Video Edit+ ($15/Month): In addition of all precedent advantages, you can ask me to edit your medium videos freely. [Only 3 patrons MAX]


The last drawing I made will be published Tuesday 04/17/2018!
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Bye! <3