I’ll probably make a self-analysis, a description about what I wanted to communicate later. While waiting for the energy to do that, I’ll be delighted to have your point of view about what you see on this drawing. ūüôā

I publish it in two versions, one modified, where contrasts and brightness are increased, and another one without any modification.

Paradox! - Version 2
Modificated version, contrast/brightness modificated.
Click to zoom.

Paradox! - Version 1
Original Version, no modification.
Click to zoom.

TUTO DIY: Create your own ‘patchwork’ bag !

There are many kinds of bag, from many brands, expensive or not. But have you already think to create your own bag. With old stuff. It’s not expensive, and you can custom it as you wish.
That’s what I’m suggesting you: create your own bag!

The bag you can see on the above picture, is the one I made a year ago. It never broke, I made it with a rags and curtains in a patchwork style. And in my good habit: the nearly science!
But I offer you in that tutorial, objective dimensions.
Note: this tutorial is dedicated to people who knows already the sewing basics.

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Fucked up Heart !

A drawing/collage I made one year ago.

Also available on my IG: http://instagram.com/amylizzycae/ 

Here is a drawing/collage I made a year ago. I wanted to express everything I felt at this time. I was in a harsh depression. Burnt by school phobia, alcohol and cigarette, stoned with medication, almost dying. I felt like all my vitality was consumed by my illness.
I made it while I was at school. Then, I teared it up, and fixed it with adhesive bandage.
This is how I was. Teared up and fixed.

Arthur Rimbaud in my Room (Poetry)

Two years ago, in English Lesson, I had to write a poem by following the example of Allen Ginsberg in A Supermarket In California where the narrator tells he met Whitman and Garcìa Lorca in a supermarket. So, we had to write a poem where a famous people was interacting with us (or the narrator) in our daily life. I just found what I wrote in my old lessons, and I wanted to share it with you.

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Have you seen that strange… stranger ?

Alice, Amy, Lizzy are the names I answer in. Not any last name, long ago I denied it. Same for birth gender, name and pronouns, I am a transgender person.

Out of the standards, naturally lone and alone. Free electron sailing from atom to atom. Unstable composition, constant evolution. My fluid being breaks the settled rules.

Smart-unconfident, ambitious-pessimistic, museless-creative, orphan in family, messy-methodical, extroardinarily regular, paradoxically consistent.

This is how I introduce myself. As you maybe noticed, I like to write. But I’m also passionate by cinema, I would even like, one day, being a professional. I love music too, and all kinds. I even played music. Guitar, drums, ocarina, piano and singing. Yea, I’m very creative.

I’d even say I am my creativity, without it I’m nothing. And this is also why I’ve got a Steemit account, and this also why I created this blog: to recover my creativity, to share it to you, to make it rise.

Do I suggest I lost it ? It’s a bit more complex…
A few times ago, I lived a difficult episod of my life, like many others, that made me think. I abandoned schoolar routine that killed me day by day since the beginning. Then, I had time for everything, but the energy for nothing. My pathology stole me that from my hands. And this is this one which stole me, bit by bit, day by day, all along these last years, my creativity.

But today, I have the determination, I wanna recover it. I wanna retrieve the great pleasure of artistic labour. I wanna start to write again. I wanna start to play music again. I wanna start to sing again. I wanna start to make from my hands again. I wanna start video again. I even wanna do what I never did, dare what I never dared. And most of all, I wanna show. Yea, I wanna show that I still create, I still live, and I still exist !

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