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Category: Self-Made

[Font] SketchyStuff (V1?) – Free To Use It

28 May 2018 • amy

Hi everyone,
I want to show you my very first own font that I use for my blog. It makes the several titles of the blog, and I’ll use it for my next videos, and other stuff!

It’s a bit ugly and disproportionate, but it’s on purpose. I wanted to make a kind of Art Brut aspect.
That’s the first version of this typography. I don’t know if I will edit it again, and release a new version, but if you have some tweaks to advise me, I’m listening!

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TUTO DIY: Create your own ‘patchwork’ bag !

16 February 2018 • amy

There are many kinds of bag, from many brands, expensive or not. But have you already think to create your own bag. With old stuff. It’s not expensive, and you can custom it as you wish.
That’s what I’m suggesting you: create your own bag!

The bag you can see on the above picture, is the one I made a year ago. It never broke, I made it with a rags and curtains in a patchwork style. And in my good habit: the nearly science!
But I offer you in that tutorial, objective dimensions.
Note: this tutorial is dedicated to people who knows already the sewing basics.

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